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Travel Race Car Mat – Sewing Tutorial

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Travel Race Car Mat

Heading back to school means back to being busy. Whether it’s practices and games for school sports, doctor appointments, or fun family events at school, it can seem like there is no time to sit down and relax.

You are trying to help with homework, pack lunches, and everything else that goes along with a back-to-school routine. Plus cook a dinner that is healthy and something everyone in the family will eat.

As a mom to a very busy toddler, I know the importance of making sure he eats healthy to get the nutrients he needs to help him grow.

However, there are days that he would only eat pancakes if I let him or even turns up his nose at his favorite foods, so I make sure to add a packet of Go & Grow by Similac® Food Mix-Ins™ to his meal (one packet for one serving or ½ cup of food) which provides nutrients to support his growth and development.

Travel Car Mat

With protein, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals, it’s my secret weapon for added nutrition that can be added to his favorite foods, such as yogurt, pancakes, or cheese quesadillas!

With busy toddlers comes a little bit of mischief and I have definitely learned the importance of having lots of distractions in my bag of tricks for when we head out to appointments, school functions, or even while just trying to make dinner.

So if you have a car-loving tot, this simple sewing tutorial is for you! Create a to-go race car mat in about 30 minutes that will (hopefully) keep that toddler busy playing while you finally get to cook that homemade dinner!

Travel Car Mat-8

2 pieces of fabric – 10×22 inches
1 piece of black felt
sewing machine & tread
tape measure
quilt pen

Travel Car Mat-3

After cutting the two pieces of fabric to size (10×22 inches), pin them right sides together.

Travel Car Mat-4

Start stitching around all the edges with a 1/2 inch seam. Stop about 3-4 inches before your starting point to create an opening which will allow you to turn the fabric right side out.

Travel Car Mat-5

Pull the fabric right side out through the opening. Using a pencil, poke all of the corners out so the fabric lays flat. Iron the fabric to flatten the seams and topstitch around the whole project making sure to secure the opening used for turning.

Travel Car Mat-6

Fold up the longer side about 3.5 inches – this will create the car pocket. Sew each short end with a 1/2 inch seam.

Travel Car Mat-7

Once the pocket is created, it’s time to add some individual pockets for the cars. Using a tape measure and quilt pen, start at the seam and mark off every 3 inches. Stitch a line from the top of the pocket to the fold at each mark to create three pockets.

Now it’s time to create the racetrack…because every little car racer needs a place to vroom and zoom!

Cut out a large oval from the black felt. Cut a smaller oval out from the middle to create the racing track. Add white or yellow dashed lines with a paint pen if you want to get a little extra fancy!

Place onto the large open space of the car mat and sew all the way around on both the inside and outside of the track to secure it to the mat.

Travel Car Mat-11

Fill it with your toddler’s favorite cars, fold or roll it up for a fun to-go activity that will keep them busy at appointments, in the car, or even at their older siblings’ sporting events.

Travel Car Mat-12

What are your favorite activities for keeping your toddler busy while getting the family back into school routines?