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3 Ingredient Lasagna

Three Ingredient LasagnaI love lasagna. But sometimes I just don’t want to put forth the effort to make it. So I use this recipe that imitates lasagna, but made with less ingredients so it takes less time to make! Don’t get me wrong, the real thing can’t be beat…but this is still a tasty dish that you can throw together pretty quickly for dinner!

All you need is a package of frozen ravioli, mozzarella cheese, and pasta sauce!

I have heard that you can just use the ravioli frozen, but I always cook it first. I might have to try it frozen one time, because it would make this dish even faster to make!

So while I cook the ravioli, I spread some pasta sauce on the bottom of a glass baking dish. After the ravioli is done, I add a layer to the bottom, then sprinkle cheese on top, and add more pasta sauce. Keep adding layers until all of the raviolis are used up. Finish with a generous topping of cheese! Bake in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes and it’s ready to eat!

I’ve also added spinach between the layers for a different flavor. I think adding some browned ground beef or turkey would also make a hearty dish! Serve with some garlic bread and you have a delicious dinner.  This also makes great lunch leftovers!

3 ingredient Lasagna 3 Ingredient Lasagna3 ingredient Lasagnacheese layer