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Grocery List {Free Printable}

Grocery shopping is up there as one of my least favorite chores to do. I always seem to wait until we have absolutely nothing left in the fridge and have to order take-out for dinner before I finally go shopping.

The shopping part doesn’t bother me – it’s the unloading of everything. Especially these days with a little guy who wants to help, I really try to plan my grocery shopping around nap time. That way when we get home, I can put him in his crib and unload everything while he is snoozing.

I actually tried Peapod delivery service a few times, I really did like it and might even try using it again next year in the middle of winter when I don’t want to go out in the cold and snow. But I realized that I’m a visual shopper…I can’t just look at a website and start ordering my groceries. I have a system at the grocery store of how I shop and it didn’t work that way online.

The one thing I must, must, must always have is a grocery list. I even go as far as sorting my list to follow the aisles at the grocery store. My mom has always shopped like this and I find it to be the most efficient way to shop! However, I recently changed the store I shop at and what a mess that first trip was.

So to make grocery shopping a little more bearable, I created a bright, fun grocery list printable! And if you would like to print it out for yourself, just click on the image and print!

Grocery List Printable