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Caterpillar Clothespin Magnetic Clip

Caterpillar Clothespin Magnet Craft for KidsHappy Monday Typically Simple viewers!  I am excited to be back over here on Kelly’s site sharing a kids craft. This caterpillar clothespin is a fun project for all ages!

These handmade clips add a cute touch to the refrigerator and serve a real purpose when it’s time to tuck open bags back into the pantry.  They make a great handmade gift for grandparents, neighbors, and teachers.

You will need the following to create your own caterpillar clothespin:
– clothespins
– craft paint (for wood)
– paint brushes
– magnet strips
– fuzzy craft balls
– googly eyes
– glue


 Begin by painting your clothespin – allow plenty of time to dry.  At my house we call “paint drying time” – NAPTIME.  After the paint has dried and the little one(s) have had a good rest, it is time to add a magnet to the bottom side of the clothespin.

supplies 001Next glue the fuzzy craft balls onto the top side of the clothespin.  You can also add those googly eyes that make every craft a little more fun.  After allowing the glue some time to dry, those colorful caterpillar clips will be ready to stick to the fridge and hold the latest art project or ensure a bag of pretzels stays fresh in the pantry!


Many thanks to Kelly for sharing her space with me today!
– T