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10 Easy Crafts for Kids

10 easy and simple, but oh so fun, crafts for kids preschool aged and up!Back in the day when I was a summer camp counselor, my favorite activity to plan in our schedule was craft time. I loved thinking up of theme crafts for my little preschoolers to make and take home to their families or display in our camp room.

One thing I learned is that most preschoolers do not have the attention span to do involved crafts. So we either broke the craft up into a few sessions throughout the day to finish it or I planned simple and easy crafts that can be made in 15-20 minutes.

I rounded up 10 easy, but oh so fun, craft projects that I have shared here on Typically Simple over the past year or so. Most are geared toward preschool to early elementary school aged children, but I bet even the older kids will love making them!

Googly Eyes Pen
Giant Birthday Card
Ice Chalk
Coffee Filter Butterflies
Tissue Paper Shamrocks
Sun Catcher
Plastic Bag Painting
Foam Pencil Toppers
Tin Can Windsocks
Painted Rock Art