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Printable Alphabet Cards – Fall Leaves

Have fun learning with these fall leaves alphabet printables! There are so many hands-on activities that can be done with these printables to build early literacy skills.

One of my favorite things to make learning fun is find different ways to incorporate some hands-on activities to help with basic skills, like alphabet recognition, numbers, and colors. I am not a fan of flash cards so even though these activities use printables and alphabet cards, they are not drills.

Fall is our favorite time of year, so I thought it would be fun to put together some printables with colorful fall leaves! I love how open-ended alphabet cards can be for activities. With both the uppercase and lowercase letters included in this set, there are lots of simple ideas that you can do to introduce letters or practice other early literacy skills.

Alphabet Cards

These cards are great for more than just letter recognition skills. Depending on how you use them, you can build fine motor skills, visual scanning, and so many pre-reading and writing skills.

If you are just getting started with alphabet recognition, your child’s name is a great beginning point. Pull out the letters of their name and use it in some of the activities before introducing the whole alphabet.


One of our favorite ways to use these printable alphabet cards is in a sensory bin! It’s so easy to throw some filler and these cards in any sort of bin you have around the house. For this activity, we used whole coffee beans – they are so much fun to dig around in while pulling out cards.

You could also use rainbow rice, dry beans, shredded paper, or even a bin full of silk leaves from the dollar store.


Letter Matching – This can be done with or without a sensory bin. Using both sets of uppercase and lowercase letters, have your kiddo match the letters. It can be done as a matching game with cards face down or have them pull a card out of a bag, sensory bin, or box and match it on the printable.

Alphabetical Order – mix up all of the cards and have your child place them in order. Super simple, but a great way to work on visual scanning, print awareness, and letter knowledge.

You can find the set of fall leaves alphabet printables in the exclusive subscriber library. 

Learning is not always a formal process and you might be surprised at what your kiddos can come up with on their own by leaving the cards out for an open invitation to play!

Looking for even more low-prep activity ideas? Purchase the full set of Fall Leaves Math & Literacy printable activities. We love using the alphabet cards with this alphabet leaves match and cover activity!