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Marble Painting Apple Craft

A cute and oh so fun to make apple craft that is perfect for back to school or fall! This marble painting art project is super easy to set up and requires only a few basic supples.

Painting is usually my go-to activity when we need some quiet downtime from a busy day. Even though most of the art projects end up with all the colors mixed, it’s important for kiddos to experience the process of art and not always focus on the outcome.

But we do love a good craft project with paint that has a little more direction. Marble painting is a favorite in our house and it’s always so fun to turn the finished artwork into different shapes to hang up. And with fall just around the corner, apple shapes are perfect for this type of painting!

Supplies for Marble Painting

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  • tempera paint
  • box lid or tray
  • marbles
  • card stock or construction paper
  • tape
  • scissors & glue
  • apple shaped template


Tape all four sides of a piece of paper down on the inside of a box lid.  Put a little blob of paint on the edge of the paper.

Drop the marbles into the box lid and let the kids shake them back and forth. After covering the paper with marble tracks, remove and let dry.

Trace apple shapes onto the painted paper and cut out. If desired, attach the apples to a different piece of paper and add stems & leaves.

This project was first shared on The Crafting Chicks.

I really loved how these marble painted apples turned out! And my little guy had so much fun shaking the box lid around to get the marbles in the paint to make tracks.

We did find that it works best by keeping the lid on a flat surface, like the floor or a table, and then sliding it back and forth. There is a little more control over the marbles, especially when making this project with younger kids. Runaway, paint covered marbles can cause quite the mess!

These marble painted apples would make a great addition to bulletin boards or scrapbooks. They’d also look super cute as a banner or just as colorful, seasonal fridge art!