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Paper Plate Candy Corn Bunting

This paper plate candy corn banner is a quick and easy craft for kids to make as cute Halloween decorations!

I’ve mentioned before how much I love crafting for Halloween. And even though the little guy is still too young to make these fun Halloween crafts for kids, I still love making a few kid friendly crafts myself!

This paper plate candy corn would be perfect to make at a classroom Halloween party or even as a quick art project at home. With only a few supplies and the need of just basic art skills, it would be a great project for preschool through younger school aged kids.

paper plates
yellow and orange paint
paint brushes

To get started, paint a ring of yellow paint on the outer edge of the paper plate. Next add a smaller orange ring making sure to leave a white circle right in the middle.

After the paint has dried, cut the paper plate in half and then into smaller pieces. This would make a great mini-lesson for teaching fractions!

Depending on the look your kiddos want, the “candy corns” can be cut larger or smaller. I cut eight pieces of candy corn from the plate.

Now to turn it into a cute candy corn bunting! I snipped a little slit into each corner of the plate to thread some ribbon through. Again, depending on what look you are going for, the candy corns can be strung in a variety of different ways!

After stringing each piece onto the ribbon, a few of them slid around a little because I cut too large of a slit. To remedy this, I just added a little piece of scotch tape to the ribbon on the back of the candy corn.

And it’s ready to be hung up for some cute Halloween home decor! While this would be a great free time, fun craft, I can also think of a few skills this activity could help develop depending on the ages of your kiddos!

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