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Coffee Filter Candy Corn

Using dyed coffee filters, this candy corn project is such a fun door hanging for Halloween!

For some reason, I kind of skipped right over fall and into Halloween decorations this year. And then there is my porch that still looks like summer…I need to get some mums planted out there before it’s too late!

I love this time of year –  the cooler weather, pumpkins, fall leaves…and of course Halloween! Especially decorating for the holiday and I’m really looking forward to making some fun toddler projects with the little dude, too!

This coffee filter candy corn hanging was the first Halloween project of the year and I love how it turned  out!

coffee filters
food color, water, bowls
hot glue gun & sticks
candy corn – for inspiration or eating 🙂

Coffee Filter Candy CornTo get started, you’ll want to mix the food color with some water in a bowl. I experimented a little and found that 10 drops of yellow with 3-4 drops of red gave me a nice orange color.

So you know how coffee filters are kind of in groups when you look at the package? I took two of those groups for each color which ends up being about 50 filters. Take one group and dip it into the bowl, you do not want it to soak up all the water.

I made this mistake and it took three DAYS for my coffee filters to dry out. I tried again by dipping them in and out quickly so the water starts to soak up the sides and had much better results with the drying time.

Coffee Filter Candy Corn

Using a piece of cardboard, I drew out a candy corn shape and cut it out. Once my coffee filters were dry, I got to work hot gluing them to the shape.

Coffee Filter Candy Corn-4I folded the coffee filter like an accordion, folded the bottom point up a bit, added a dab…okay, a lot…of hot glue and stuck it onto the cardboard.

Coffee Filter Candy Corn-5 Coffee Filter Candy Corn-6

I continued this for each color changing the direction of how I stuck them on and folding the coffee filters a little differently to give the candy corn a nice, fluffy look.

Coffee Filter Candy Corn

Once I filled the whole shape, I went around and added a coffee filter here or there to fill in any gaps. And since I wanted to hang this on a door in our kitchen, I added some ribbon to the back to use as a hanger. I love the texture that the coffee filters give it!

Coffee Filter Candy CornOne thing I love about this project is that it can easily be used for other holidays by making a different shape and dying the coffee filters different colors. A heart for Valentine’s Day is on my future crafting to-do list!

Using dyed coffee filters, this candy corn project makes a fun door hanging for Halloween!

This post originally appeared on See Vanessa Craft as part of 30 Crafty Days of Halloween.

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