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Ribbon Wreath Christmas Ornament

A fun Christmas ornament for kids using ribbon - perfect for them to make for grandparents and relatives.

This ribbon wreath was definitely fun to make even if it is meant as a kids’ craft! I love how it can be personalized with favorite colors, team colors, or just Christmas colors like I used. It’s also a great Christmas ornament project for the kiddos to make as a way to work on color patterns and build fine motor skills.

All you need for this project is a few rolls of grosgrain ribbon and some shower curtain rings. I cut the ribbon into pieces about 4-5 inches long and tied them onto the shower curtain ring. I went with a Christmas pattern of red, green, and white.

Ribbon WreathAs I tied the ribbon on, I squished them together a little bit to make the wreath look fuller. But this being a kids’ craft, it can look however the kiddos want it to! These would also look really cute attached to a gift!

Ribbon Wreath

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