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Curled Paper Strips Christmas Ornament

I have another simple, yet oh so fun to make, Christmas ornament for you all today! Scrapbookers will especially love this curled paper strips ornament as it’s a great paper stash buster!

A fun DIY ornament that scrapbookers will love! Create a simple yet elegant ornament using strips of curled paper.This is another ornament that would make a great gift topper or stocking stuffer. Personalize it for the recipient in favorite colors, Christmas colors, or if they are a music lover, this would look super cute made with sheet music!

card stock
clear ornaments

I used a flatter M&M shaped ornament for this project because it’s what I had on hand, but the big round ornaments would work perfectly for this project!

To get started, I cut the card stock into thin strips and wrapped them around the pencil to make them curl. Then I decided on the length of the curls, trimmed as needed, and dropped it into the ornament. That’s it!

It took me longer to decide on paper colors than it did to make this ornament!

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